Primarius Blog - The risks unlicensed pest control operators bring

Muriel Oliver
News | 2 Apr 2018

Here at PFS we’re all about minimising risk and we like to highlight issues we come across.  This week some of our clients shared with us an incident with a family member whose roof fell in.  To their surprise the cause appeared to be termite damage.

They immediately called their insurance company, who confirmed that this was indeed the case. However, to their horror they discovered that their pest control operator was unlicensed and therefore they were uninsured.  Apparently, when a pest control firm attends your premises they are required to present their licence to confirm they are registered.

This is a real risk area and unfortunately recovering the funds from the person responsible may be very difficult.  So, the answer is “buyer beware” and ask all tradespeople attending your property to identify themselves and that they are registered.

More information on pest control licensing requirements may be found at the WA Government website.

Roof falling in

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