Primarius Blog - Use a card to keep track of expenses

Muriel Oliver
Case Study | 24 Jun 2022

We recommend getting a credit card with a small credit limit to use exclusively for your trust and/or company expenses, this is super useful for:

  1. Car expenses - keeping track of daily fuel, car wash and other expenses, just use the card for this.
    • * Pro tip: we use a labelling machine to put the entity initials on the back of the card to help people remember which card to use for car expenses
  2. Property expenses - ditto above, just use the card to pay all property bills owned by the entity

The advantages of this are:

  • - Stress free record keeping, it saves you time and effort during the year
  • - Complete records for us to use and to substantiate with the ATO (or anyone else!) if ever required

Read our FAQ on cards used for business, investment or personal.

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature. So, before acting on this or any other information, it is important to seek professional advice related directly to you and your circumstances.  Should you require our assistance, contact your Primarius Team leader, or email us at

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